You Finish Now – Joke

You Finish Now 1 - You Finish Now - Joke

Rome, in an hotel bar. An Italian man is drinking at the bar and flirting with a tourist, a blonde woman, in his Italian English. After an hour of flirting he is successful to get himself invited to her room.

In the hotel room they both undress and spend the next hour in bed having sex. After both coming to their climax the man reaches for his cigarettes. He pauses for a moment, smiles at the women and asks her “You finish?”. The women frowns and says “No!”. The man smiles, drops his cigarettes and attends to the women again.

After another hour of glorious sex both lying next to each other and panting heavily. The man reaches again for his cigarettes, halts for a second and turns to the women and ask in an uncertain voice “You finish now?”. The women answers with a smile “No, I’m not!” The man sighs, drops the cigarettes and both engage again.

Twenty minutes later both lie again breathless next to each other, totally exhausted. When the men looks shyly at the women she bursts out “Before you ask again: I am not Finnish, I’m Swedish!”