Woman Anger Issue and it’s Medicine – Story

Woman Anger Issue and its Medicine 1 - Woman Anger Issue and it’s Medicine - Story

Once in a village, lived a woman who was short temper by nature. She used to get angry at every little things and say bad things to people around when angry.

People living in neighborhood were upset with her and were afraid to even talk to her. Even at her home, this anger had become cause of discord.

One day woman realized that her anger was becoming big problem for her and often she would burn in remorse.

But when angry she would lose all control and found herself helpless.

One day a Mahatma came to village. Woman decided to visit him and ask him way to overcome her anger.

She went to meet Mahatma and said to him, “Maharaj! I am troubled by my anger. I am not able to control my anger. In anger, i often say bad things to people and later i regret it.

Because of my anger, not even my family members feel comfortable talking to me. I am very sad. Please give me some medicine which can help me to stop getting angry.”

Mahatma went inside and bought a bottle. Giving it to her he said, “From now on, whenever you get angry, take a few sip of this medicine and wait a bit. This medicine will help you.”

Woman was happy after getting medicine. She thanked him and went back to her home.

Since that day, whenever she got angry, she would drink medicine and slowly her anger began to subside.

After 10 days, when medicine was finished, she again reached Mahatma and said, “Maharaj! You have given me wonderful medicine. My anger fades away as soon as i drink it. Now that medicine is over. Please give me more of that medicine.”

Mahatma smiled and said, “Daughter, there was no medicine in that bottle. It was filled with plain water..”

Woman was surprised to know this and said, “But..”

Mahatma said, “Whenever you got angry and used to drink from that bottle, you couldn’t speak anything because of that water in your mouth.

And that’s only way to get rid of your anger. Always keep silent whenever you get angry and all your troubles because of anger will not happen anymore.”


The only way to get rid of troubles caused by anger is to keep silent when you are angry.