Why Didn’t The Frog Jumps – Joke

Why Didnt The Frog Jumps 1 - Why Didn’t The Frog Jumps - Joke

The next class was of Science, and in the biology lab, the teacher was trying to do an experiment in front of the students.

He took a frog and placed it in a container and said aloud “Jump“

The frog jumps.

Then he cuts a leg of the frog and again shouts “jump“.

The frog jumps.

He does it 2 more times and every time the frog jumps. Finally, he cuts the last leg and shouts “Jump“.

The frog didn’t move.

Then the teacher faced the students. Students what do you understand by this experiment.

The backbencher shouts

“Sir, When we cut all the four legs of the frog, he becomes deaf.”

The teacher shocked, the student rocked.