Which Photo Makes You Feel Sad – Story

Which Photo Makes You Feel Sad 1 - Which Photo Makes You Feel Sad - Story

This iconic photograph marks the end of the career of matador Álvaro Munero.

In the midst of the battle, he suddenly repented and sat down at the edge of the field.

Subsequently, in an interview, Alvaro will tell: “Suddenly I saw not horns, but the eyes of a bull. He stood in front of me and started looking at me. Just stood and watched, making no attempt to attack. The innocence that is in the eyes of all animals looks towards me with a plea for help. It was like a cry for justice and somewhere deep inside me, I suddenly realized that he was addressing me in the same way we address God in prayer: “I don’t want to fight you, please leave me, Because I have done nothing wrong to you. You can kill me if you want, kill me if you want, but I do not want to fight you.”

And I, reading it in his eyes, felt like the worst creature on earth and hindered the war. After that I became a vegetarian and stops fighting bullfights. ”

This story was published in 2012. After thousands of other foreign publications told about the case, millions of people learned about the matador Álvaro Munero, and this photo became one of the most recognizable.