What Fish? – Joke

What Fish 2 - What Fish? - Joke

A man decided one day to go fishing on a lake located inside a protected national park..

When he gets satisfied with his catch, he decides to head home. So there he is, walking through the park, fishes swimming in his bucket when suddenly the park ranger appears in front of him.

“What are you doing here?” asks the ranger.

“Oh you know, just taking a nice walk in nature enjoying this beautiful day” says the man.

“What’s inside that bucket” asks the ranger

“Fish” answers the man

“Fish? Fishing here is strictly forbidden sir”

“Oh no these are my pet fish. Whenever I go for a walk I take them with me to the lake and let them swim there a little, then I whistle for them to come back inside the bucket and we go home” says the man.

“Do you think that Im an idiot?”

“No, of course not. Im telling you, these are my pet fish”

“Ok then prove it. Let’s go to the lake now and see if you are telling the truth” says the ranger.

So they go to the lake and the man releases the fish in the lake. After a couple of moments the ranger says “Come on then, whistle”

“Why would I whistle” says the man.

“To recall the fish”

“What fish?”