Three Men Go To Hell – Joke

Three Men Go To Hell 2 - Three Men Go To Hell - Joke

“Surely we weren’t that bad?” they ask themselves. “There has to be something we can do to get out of here.”

Satan suddenly appears and says “Oh, but there is! Withstand ten whippings from my trusty whip here and you’re free to go. I’ll even let you pick something to cover your back with”

The men let out a cheer. This wouldn’t be so hard.

The first man steps up and observes his surroundings. Finally, he picks a sturdy looking boulder to place on his back. “Ready,” he says.

Satan raises his whip and yells, “ONE!”


The boulder immediately splits in half.

“Aw screw this,” says the first man. “I’ll just stay.”

Satan smirks and asks, “Who’s next?”

The second man steps up and, without picking any protection, gets in position.

“Are you sure about that?” asks Satan, to which the man replies with

“I have trained my mind and body to ignore any unnecessary pain. I need no protection.”

“Whatever you say, pal.” Satan raises his arm and yells, “ONE!”


The man slightly flinches, his pain evident, but he remains upright.

Annoyance flashes across Satan’s face. He raises his arm again and shouts, “TWO!”


Again, the man remains upright, all the way up to the tenth whipping.

The man gets up, weary but happy. Satan looks furious and says, “Whatever, goodjob. You, third guy, you’re next. What are you picking?”

The third man takes in his surroundings, lays his eyes on his choice and says, “I’m gonna pick the second guy.”