The Tiger In The Well – Story

The Tiger In The Well 1 - The Tiger In The Well - Story

A Dangerous Tiger was strolling through the woods when he fell into a neglected well.

Fortunately, the well was dry, and his skull was so thick that he incurred no injury.

Unfortunately, the well was too deep for him to climb out, so he screamed for help.

He screamed for several hours but no one appeared.

Then some deer came along, heard the noise, and discovered the Tiger at the bottom of the well. 

“Help me!” said the Tiger. 

“No way!” replied the Deer, recognizing him. 

The Deer know that after we help, the first thing he is going to do is hunting us.

Moreover, Deer had always meant to fill that dangerous well.

So they started kicking dirt into the well. Deer would bury the Tiger and plug the well at the same time! 

When the Tiger felt the mud being thrown on top of him, it was nothing unusual to him, monkeys do that on several occasions.

Nevertheless, when he realized that the Deer’s intention was to bury him alive, he was terrified.

“I promise I won’t hunt you! I guarantee I will spare each and every deer! I swear I will leave the forest! Trust me!” 

On hearing those words “Trust me!”

The deer started to kick the dirt into the well even more vigorously.

The Tiger began to shout more desperately.

Then he went quiet. 

The Deer thought that they had buried that Tiger and so carried on kicking at an easier speed.

The Deer were too busy kicking to notice a strand of hair appear above the top of the well.

As they kicked more dirt into the well, the crown of a head could be seen.

Then after they had put a little more earth in the well, they saw the smiling head of the Tiger.

The Deer were now too shocked to carry on kicking. 

The Tiger had decided to stop complaining about having dirt thrown on him.

Instead, he’d shrug off the mud and compact it under his feet.

After every kick of dirt, he would stand a few centimeters higher.

Now he was high enough to climb out of the well and reward the deer by sparing them their life.