The Sad Tale Of The Butterfly – Story

The Sad Tale Of The Butterfly 2 - The Sad Tale Of The Butterfly - Story

One bright morning a man found a silky cocoon of a butterfly in a garden. He was very eager to see what will happen to that cocoon. The next day the man found a small opening was appearing from the cocoon. He sat there in a sheer curiosity and started watching what happens next to butterfly for several hours.

The butterfly was struggling to wrench its whole body through the little hole. Then suddenly man found that the butterfly stopped its movement and couldn’t go further. Therefore, the kind man pitied the innocent butterfly and started to help it. He tried to free the butterfly from a tiny hole by cutting the cocoon with the help of scissors.

The butterfly emerged easily because the man helped it, but the butterfly had withered wings with the swollen body. The man was very happy as he helped the butterfly to come out from the tiny cocoon hole. The man continued to watch it.

The man was expecting that any minute the wings of the butterfly would begin to enlarge and it will start to fly but for the man’s surprise, nothing happened!

In fact, the beautiful and innocent butterfly was never able to fly with its beautiful wings.

The man was very kind but what he did not understand is, by restricting cocoon actually he is disrupting the whole life cycle of the butterfly because the struggle for coming out from the cocoon was necessary for butterfly’s life.

It was a natural process of progress but the man interrupted the entire process thus the beautiful butterfly died because of kind man’s foolishness.

Moral Lesson Of The Story:

This beautiful short story depicts the importance of struggle in life. The struggle is what makes us strong. The struggle is necessary for life to prepare ourselves for future opportunities.

So, next time when you feel your life is going through struggles, problems, and obstacles, try to remember this inspiring short story to embrace the truth that-

The struggle is a start of achieving something extraordinary.