The Pilot and the Blind Woman – Joke

The Pilot and the Blind Woman 2 - The Pilot and the Blind Woman - Joke

An elderly woman joined a flight from Melbourne to Brisbane to go spend some days with her loved ones. Unfortunately, the route of the trip was switched, and the plane was diverted to Sydney.

The passengers weren’t excited about the change in plans, and the crew onboard tried to appease them. The flight attendant explained why the delay was happening and told the passengers that they would give them 50 minutes to walk around and get some things before they re-board.

Instantly, everyone got off the plane, and it became empty except for an elderly woman who sat by the window side at the back. A man who was leaving the aircraft noticed her sitting quietly and realized she was blind after spotting her service dog lying at her feet. 

He wanted to approach her but got interrupted by the pilot’s voice and then realized that she was a regular on the flight. The pilot came to the old woman and said to her:

“Kathy, we are in Sydney for almost an hour. Would you like to get off and stretch your legs?”

The woman smiled but refused. Instead, she told the pilot to take her dog Max and help him stretch his legs. The pilot agreed and grabbed the leash of the dog before heading for the plane’s door.

As he held the dog and walked off the plane with his dark shades on, people froze in their tracks before chaos broke out. They all began to clamor to change the airline as they thought the pilot was blind.