Story ‣ The Illiterate Dad and His Son

The Illiterate Dad and His Son - Story ‣ The Illiterate Dad and His Son

A school boy cried back home from school. The father met him crying on his way home and asked “son what happened to you?”

“my teacher whipped me 10 strokes on my bum bum” said the little boy.

“just like that? What did you do?’ asked  anxiously the father.  

He ask me to spell a cow while he asked others to spell just simple ruler, pencil, and biro and I couldn’t spell it because it was too big, cried this little lad.

“What a height of wickedness!” lamented the father. Lets go confront the teacher…

 “Mr. Teacher! why did you flog this little boy?” asked, the dad “of course i did because your boy was dull, he couldn’t spell common “cow”’, replied the teacher.

“Did I just hear you say common cow, for this innocent small child. How could you be so cruel that you asked my little boy to spell a whole cow, not even a book , pencil or biro, a whole cow.”

“Can you spell it?” the father asked the teacher.

“Yes I can’! Replied the teacher! “Now spell a cow” said the boy’s father.  The teacher spell it.

Spell a caterpillar, he spell it, Goliath, he spell it “Hmmm  I see, is that why you want to kill my child”,  spell mount Kilimanjaro, he got it the last time. “Oh you think you are the most brilliant, now spell …….. the father whistled with his mouth and ask the teacher to spell it but this time around, the teacher couldn’t spell it and was just looking.