Teacher And Her Candies – Joke

Teacher And Her Candies - Teacher And Her Candies - Joke

An elementary school teacher decided to hand out candy and have the students guess what they are…

The teacher explains to the class the game they will be playing; guessing the candy she gives them.

The class roars in excitement.

The teacher walks over to a student named Suzie and hands her a peppermint.

The student puts it in her mouth, and without skipping a beat says,

“I know this! It’s peppermint!”

The teacher is extremely pleased and proceeds to the next student, Steve.

She takes out a piece of butterscotch from her bag and hands it to Steve.

Steve puts in in his mouth and kind of ponders for a second.

After a little spell of silence, Steve’s eyes light up and he yells,

“My grandma hands me these all the time, it’s butterscotch!”

The teachers proclaim, “Excellent job, Steve!”

The teacher walks over to a third student, Little Johnny, and hands him a Hershey Kiss.

Timmy puts in in his mouth and has absolutely no clue what he is eating.

He’s quiet for a long enough time for the teacher to say,

“I’ll give you a hint; it’s something your dad asks your mom for every night before bed.”

Steve interjects almost immediately,