Taking A Mistress – Joke

Taking A Mistress 1 - Taking A Mistress - Joke

An artist, a lawyer and a computer nerd were discussing the merits of having a mistress.

“A mistress has energy and passion,” said the artist. “And there’s always the thrill of doing something that’s forbidden.”

“Well,” said the lawyer, “I must warn you that it could lead to a costly divorce and, in the worst case, bankruptcy. You’d have to ask yourself, is it worth it?”

“Well, I think taking a mistress was the best decision I’ve ever made,” said the computer nerd.

“Why?” asked the lawyer.

“Because my wife thinks I’m with my mistress and my mistress thinks I’m with my wife,” the computer nerd responded with a smile. “So, I get to spend my every night in peace on my computer!”