Success – Story

Success - Success - Story

A young soldier walked up to a  well adorn senior officer in the army and asked him “Sir, what is the secret of your success in the army?” I want to be successful too.

The officer looked at the young soldier steadily for about 3 minutes and gave him a life threatening order. He gave the young soldier a cup full of water and told him to walk round the training field five times. He clearly told him that his life depends on it. That if a drop of water fall from the cup, another soldier would shoot him on the head. Four soldiers were strategically positioned to shoot him down once a drop of water fall from the cup.

Seeing how serious the whole thing turned out, he took the cup full of water and went out to complete his assignment. The young soldier carefully walked round the training field five full times without letting a drop fall from the cup. At the completion of the task, he returned the full cup back to the senior officer.
When the man saw his commitment to preserve his life by not allowing a drop of water out of the cup, he asked him the following questions…

Did you see those half naked girls dancing at the mammy market?

The young soldier replied No

Did you see those soldiers playing football in the field?

The young soldier replied No

What about those fighting across the other side of the field?

The young soldier replied No

Then, the officer looked at him and told him that if you keep focus on your task, you will succeed and also preserve your life. At that point, the young soldier left happily.


1. A lot of distractions will come in many beautiful colours on your path to success. How you deal with them determine how you will end.

2. Success has a bitter price. You must pay it fully. There is no shortcut to success.

Finally, those who distract you are the same people who will celebrate your failure if you eventually fail.