Stranger In Town – Joke

Stranger In Town 1 - Stranger In Town - Joke

Horseback ride Waco to Fort Worth a dusty It is a long journey on the road and tiring work for any cowboy.

So, as George passed through a small town on the way, he decided to stop by the bar for a cold beer to quench his thirst.

The locals were not very friendly to strangers passing through their town, and George could immediately sense the negative mood as he tied his horse to the post before passing through the hall doors.

When George finished his beer, he went out and was not happy when he found out that someone had stolen his horse.

So he walked back to the bar, unholstered his gun, twirled it impressively around his finger, and then fired a bullet into the whiskey bottle sitting at the far end of the long bar.

It was quiet and you could hear a pin drop, until George shouted: “So which one of you crooks stole my horse? published a guide

Nobody said anything. It was deathly quiet.

George shouted threateningly: “Listen to me now! I’m going to sit here and have another beer, and if my horse isn’t out by the time I finish my drink, I’m going to do what I know in Waco. And I don’t want to have to do what I know in Waco.published a guide

The locals shifted uneasily in their seats. They didn’t like strangers much, but they liked trouble even less.

When George finished his beer, he looked outside and saw his horse tied to the post and waiting for him.

George saddled up and began moving slowly along Main Street.

The bartender had gone out and watched George leave.

“Hello partnersaid the bartender, “So what happened in Waco? published a guide titled

George smiled and said: I had to walk home!he published a guide titled