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An illiterate village man who could not read and write, but often saw people wearing goggles for reading books, thought one day, “If I put on this kind of goggle  like these men, then I can as well read books. I must go get one for myself”.

So he hurriedly went to a town with the sole motive of getting one. He entered one spectacles shop and asked the shopkeeper for a pair of glasses for reading. The shopkeeper gave him various pairs of spectacles  to test-run with a magazine but the  villager could not read anything. He  complained to the shopkeeper that all the spectacles  he just tested were useless for him. The shopkeeper look at his struggling customer who was trying to read a magazine he placed upside down, and said,”sir what makes you think you can achieve what  you are reading when it is placed upside down? Perhaps you don’t know how to read.”

The village man argued, “Its not a matter of not knowing how to read, I just want to buy reading glasses so that I can read like others. But I can’t just read with any of these spectacles.” The shopkeeper  try hard to suppressed his laughter  when he learnt the real difficulty of his illiterate customer.

He politely explained to the villager, “Sir, could you please let me educate your ignorance about spectacles?” “Spectacles don’t make  people to read or write. They merely help you to see better. So the First  first thing to start with is to learn how to read and write.”


The only thing more expensive than education is ignorance