Old Man And Waiter – Joke

Old Man And Waiter 1 - Old Man And Waiter - Joke

An old man had been coming in to the same diner for breakfast every morning for years.

His routine was always the same: He would sit at his favorite table, ask for a menu, study it carefully, then always order the same thing – Ham and Eggs.

One morning, the waitress decided to play a trick on the old gent, so before his regular arrival she took one of the menus and marked out Ham and Eggs with her pencil.

The old man arrived right on schedule, sat down at his table, and she gave him the altered menu to see what he would do.

After he looked at the menu a bit, the waitress went to his table and said, “I’m sorry sir, but I just scratched what you like”.

Without even looking up, the old man replied, “Well, wash your hands and bring me some Ham and Eggs!”.