Monk’s Advice to Fool..! – Story

Monks Advice to Fool - Monk’s Advice to Fool..! - Story

In a village, lived a man who was a fool. Everybody in village made fun of him. He lived all his life cowering and not even daring to speak.

One day, a monk came to village.

At night, man went to monk and fell at his feet and said, “Please give me some blessing. My whole life i have been living cowering and shrinking. Everyone in village laugh at me. Will i die a blithering idiot? Is there no way i cam become a little intelligent?”

Monk said, “There is way. Follow this sutra: Condemn everything.”

Man questioned, “What will happen through condemning?”

Monk said, “You will see. You do it for seven days and then come again to me.”

Man asked, “But how should i condemn?”

Monk said, “Whenever, whatever anyone says.. make a negative statement. For instant if someone say – what a beautiful sun is coming out then you say what’s beautiful about it? Prove it. Where is beauty? It’s just a globe of fire.

If someone says what a beautiful woman then you say what of it? What beauty? Prove it.

You demand proof from everyone and remember to always remain negative. Let them be in Positive, you remain in negative.

Come to me after seven days.”

After seven days, when man came to Monk, he didn’t came alone, many had become his disciples. They had hung flower garlands around his neck.

Man said to monk,”That sutra worked. Now, whole village is forced to be silent in front of me. Not only that, wherever i went people lowered their head and respected me. News spread among people that i am a genius and no on could win against me. Now what should i do?”

Monk replied, “Now, don’t do anything. If you want to save your intellect never fall into positive. Whatever is said, always make a negative statement. No one will be able to defeat you.

Because to disprove a negative statement is very difficult. To prove a positive statement is very difficult.”

To affirm God, Great Intelligence in needed, a total Wakefulness of Heart is needed and purified state of Consciousness is needed.

But to deny God, nothing is needed. In denying there is no commitment. That’s what people in world condemn.

Psychology of condemnation is Cheap psychology, an easy way out. There is not need to go anywhere to Learn. That’s why everyone is skillful at condemning.