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LOL - Funny Joke ‣ LOL

A lady was at work when she heard her new message alert tone blazing.

Looking at the phone, she realized that it was from her husband.

She went on and opened the message to read it after which she got annoyed.

The message read,

‘Hie honey, your brother fell down on the steps and hurt his head. He’s now being rushed to the hospital. LOL.’

Enraged, she sent him a reply,

‘ you know what jack@ss, your sense of humour is terrible.’

The husband was surprised.

He was not expecting that response from his wife.

So he called her to get some clarification,

“Hey Judith, was that message meant for me or someone else?”

“That was your message, why not?” she asked so annoyed.

“What the hell? Oh, so you wanted me to leave your brother on the floor battling for his life and not to take him to the hospital? “

“Says who?”

“Then what the heck did I do wrong to be called a jack@ss?”

“You laughed at my brother’s accident, don’t act innocent now.”

“Am not. I never did. How would you even know I laughed when you aren’t even here?”

“Your first message ended with LOL meaning Laughing Out Loud. That is a clear indication of laughter.”

“What? Hold on, doesn’t LOL mean LOTS OF LOVE?”