Little Bad Boy – Joke

Little Bad Boy - Little Bad Boy - Joke

A little boy wants a bike for Christmas really badly, but the kid is a real bad seed, and he knows it.

He writes a letter to Jesus.

“Dear Jesus, if I get a bike for Christmas, I’ll be good for a whole week.”

He thinks about it, crosses out what he wrote, and says, “I can’t be good for a whole week, I’ll be good for five days.”

He crosses that out and writes, “I’ll be good for four days.”

Then he thinks again and says, “Can’t do that.”

He gets down to one day and says, “I can’t even be good for a day.”

Then in frustration, goes in his mother’s room and get the statue of the Virgin Mary, wraps it up in a blanket, puts it in a paper bag, throws it in the closet and says,

“Dear Jesus, if I don’t get a bike for Christmas, you’ll never see your mother again!”