Is This Ball That Ball? – Joke


Is This Ball That Ball - Is This Ball That Ball? - Joke

A 90 year old man was attempting to shave his beard at his house with a razor.

His hands weren’t quite as steady as they used to be and his skin had gotten a bit wrinkly in his old age.

Consequently, the old man was constantly cutting himself while shaving.

One day he decided to go to the barbershop instead.

He walks into the barbershop and informs the barber of his predicament.

The barber says no problem and sits the man down in the chair.

Before the barber begins shaving he gives the man a round metal ball.

He tells the man to place it in his mouth behind his cheeks so the wrinkles will spread.

A few minutes later the barber completes the shave and the old man gets up with no cuts on his face.

He’s totally grateful but he tells the barber he accidentally swallowed the ball.

The barber says

“Don’t worry you can just wait a few days and give it back like the last guy did.”