Inspirational Quotes by Madonna

Inspirational Quotes by Madonna 1 - Inspirational Quotes by Madonna

 1 – A lot of People are Afraid to say what they Want. That’s why they Don’t get what they Want.

 2 – Never forget to Dream.

 3 – Power is being told you are not Loved and not being Destroyed by it.

 4 – Better to Live one year as a Tiger than a hundred as a Sheep.

 5 – I am my own Experiment. I am my own Work of Art.

 6 – No matter who you are, No matter what you did, No matter where you have come from, You can always Change, become a Better version of Yourself.

 7 – To be Brave is to Love someone unconditionally, without Expecting anything in Return. To just Give. That takes Courage because we don’t want to Fall on our Faces or leave Ourselves open to Hurt.

 8 – Fame is a By-product. Fame is something that should Happen because you do Work that speaks to people and People want to know about your Work. Unfortunately the Personality of people has taken over from the Work and the Artistry and it’s this thing now that stands on its Own.

 9 – I stand for Freedom of Expression, Doing what you Believe in and going after your Dreams.

10 – I am not a Feminist, I am a Humanist.

11 – Poor is the man whose Pleasures depend on the Permission of Another.

12 – Don’t just stand there Let’s get to it. Strike a Pose, There is nothing to it.

13 – We Learn our Lessons; we get Hurt, we want Revenge. Then we Realize that actually, Happiness and Forgiving people is the Best Revenge.

14 – Beauty is Where you Find it.

15 – We all fall to the Floor at some point. It’s how you Pick yourself up That’s the Real challenge. Isn’t it?

16 – We all need to Treat each other with Human Dignity and Respect.

17 – Fame is a Form of Misunderstanding.

18 – Life is a Mystery, Everyone must stand Alone.

19 – In the Blink of an eye Everything can Change! Why waste time?

20 – It doesn’t matter What it looked like. What matters is the Truth.

21 – If you have Children, you know you are Responsible for somebody. You Realize you are being Imitated; Your belief systems and priorities have a Direct influence on these children, who are like Flowers in a Garden.

22 – I am always Looking for something New: a new Inspiration, a new Philosophy, a new way to Look at something, new Talent.

23 – There is no such thing as the Perfect Soulmate. If you Meet someone and you Think they are perfect, you better run as fast as you can in the Other direction. Cos your Soulmate is the person that Pushes all your buttons, pisses you off on a regular basis and Makes you face your Nonsense.

24 – Be Strong, believe in Freedom and in God, Love yourself, have a Sense of humor, Don’t judge people by their religion, color or habits; Love life and your Family.

25 – It’s not Easy having a Good marriage but I don’t want Easy. Easy doesn’t make you Grow. Easy doesn’t make you Think. I thank God every day that I am married to a man who makes me Think. That’s my definition of True Love.

26 – Express yourself, Don’t repress yourself.

27 – You have to be Passionate and Believe in what you do because there is going to be a lot of fights, battles and struggles along the way. So my Best advice is to really Believe and Love what you do. You always have to Fight for things that are Worth it.

28 – I Believe that we are at a very Low level of Consciousness and we do not know how to Treat each other as human beings. We are caught up in our own Lives, our own needs, our own ego gratification. I Feel a strong sense of Responsibility in delivering that message.

29 – If your Joy is derived from what Society thinks of you, You are always going to be Disappointed.