I Would Like To Speak To The Manager – Joke

I Would Like To Speak To The Manager 1 - I Would Like To Speak To The Manager - Joke

In a bar, an attractive and sexily dressed woman calls the bartender over and says “I would like to speak to the manager, please.” The bartender explains that the manager is not in tonight, but he would be happy to help her.

The woman leans across the bar and gently pulls him closer. She begins running her hands through his hair and says, “Are you sure the manager will not be in tonight? I really need to speak to him.”

The bartender stutters, “Yeah, I am sure. But I can help you, just tell me what you need!”

The woman begins stroking his neck and face, looks him in the eyes and says, “I need you to give the manager a message for me, okay? It is very important.”

“Okay!” says the bartender, almost laying across the bar with his head in her hands.

Tracing her fingers across his lips and letting her fingertips brush the inside of his lips and teeth, she leans forward and whispers in his ear, “Please tell the manager that there is no toilet paper, no soap, and no towels in the ladies restroom.”