I Just Tried To Help But Don’t Remember – Story

I Just Tried To Help But Dont Remember 2 - I Just Tried To Help But Don’t Remember - Story

One day, A man climbed a tree to have some fruits. He reached the top and realized that he had enough fruits, so then, tried to get back down. It was easy to climb the tree but when he tried to get down, he started to realize that he is not going to get down sooner. He did many attempts but didn’t get any success.

Now, he was left with the only option, that is, to jump off the tree but the tree was tall, he knows he is only going to break his bone. So, with no other option, he starts to shout for help. 

Peoples going by that way noticed him and an old man reached to help. He asked for a rope and threw it to man and asked him to tie it around his belly. The old man then tied the other end to himself and pulled the rope.

The man came somersaulting and landed flat on the ground. Everyone looked at the man laughed hard and asked the old man what was he trying to do.

The old man paused and scratched his forehead. ” Last time, when I saved a man the result was different.”

the people: ” what”

The old man: “Yeah, but he was in well, I think “. 

Everyone laughed except the man.

Moral of the story:

Not all problems have the same solution.  First, think, then apply.