Hat and Gloves – Joke


Hat and Gloves - Hat and Gloves - Joke

Patrick Collins came to church in the dead of winter without his hat and gloves. Father O’Brian asked

“Where are your hat and gloves son?” Patrick replied

“Would you believe it Father, I think someone stole my hat and gloves.” Father O’Brian was shocked.

“Stole your hat and gloves? That’s a sacrilege. I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll give the sermon today on the Ten Commandments, and when I get to Thou Shalt not Steal, I’ll really lay it on thick. If the thief is in church, I’ll make him feel so guilty, he’ll give you your hat and gloves back.”

The following Sunday Patrick shows up with his hat and gloves.

Father O’Brian said

“Ah, Patrick, I see my sermon worked, did it?”

Patrick said

“It sort of did Father.”

Father O’Brian said

“What do you mean by it sort of did?” Patrick said

“Well, when you got to the commandment about not committing adultery I remembered where my hat and gloves were.”