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Had Gone Fishing 2 - Funny Joke ‣ Had Gone Fishing

The old farmer had taken a day off from his chores and went fishing on the lake.

As he sat in his boat waiting for a bite, he noticed a small frog sitting on a lily pad catching flies, and staring at the fisherman.

Finally the frog jumped into the water and started swimming toward the boat.

Just before the frog reached the boat a water snake swam up and started to swallow the small frog.

Not wanting to see the frog eaten before his eyes, the fisherman grabbed the snake and released the grateful frog, who immediately swam safely to shore.

Once the frog had escaped to safety, the fisherman started to release the snake, but was now feeling sorry for the snake who had just lost his dinner.

As he looked around the boat for something to compensate the snake for his loss, the fisherman noticed his jug of corn whiskey.

Poring a generous amount of the corn whiskey into the snakes mouth the farmer then released the snake back into the water and went back to his fishing.

A few minutes later the fisherman was interrupted by a banging on the side of the boat.

When he looked over the side he was confronted by the same snake who had returned with two frogs in his mouth.