Eyelids – Joke

Eyelids 1 - Eyelids - Joke

A man was in a Terrible fire. Third degree burns covers his legs torso arms and face. Luckily he had enough skin intact for skin grafts. The doctor worked tirelessly graphing him from top to bottom. They were almost finished when they got to his eyelids. The doctor was stuck trying to figure out what to do to graft this young mans eyelids

A few hours go by while the young mans family sits in the waiting room praying their sole provider is ok. The doctor comes out of the surgery room doors with a smile. A swell of relief pours over the young mans wife.

“Dr. how is he”

“He’ll be fine ma’am” he responds with a smile.

“We ran into a small problem with grafting of his eyelids but we used some of his scrotum skin. He will make a complete recovery he’ll just be a little cock eyed. “