Emergency Services – Joke

Somewhere deep down south a man dials 9-1-1..

Operator: “Emergency services. Is there a problem?”

Man: “Hi, uhh ya. I jus’ came home and I foun’ my wife lyin’ dead on tha floor.”

Operator: “I am so sorry to hear that sir. How would you like us to assist you?”

Man: “Yea, uhh. I’d like yew to come an’ pick ‘er up.”

Operator: “I’ll send someone right over. Can you inform me of the address?”

Man: “ Yea, I live a’ 103 Alemeter Drive.”

Operator: “Okay, and can you spell that for me?”

Man: “Hey honey! Can you spell our street aga-.. aw shit.”

Man: “Yea. It’s A-L-A… wait, A-L-E.. nah that’s can’t be right… A-L… uhhh.”

Man: “Hell, I’ll drag ‘er ova ta oak street an’ yew can pick ‘er up there!”