Don’t Be Afraid To Fail, Be Afraid To Not To Try – Story

Dont Be Afraid To Fail Be Afraid To Not To Try 1 - Don’t Be Afraid To Fail, Be Afraid To Not To Try - Story

Once in a village, there were two best friends, they spend most of the time resting under a tree and thinking about what should they do in their life. In thinking they had already lost a lot of their precious time.

So, one day they noticed that the women in the village used to bring water pots from the river which is far far away. How many rounds they may make, the water was never enough for the family daily needs.

Now, they had an idea. They went to the village and offered them that these best friends would bring water pots on behalf of them and in return charge 25 cents per pot. Everyone liked the offer and their business grows too fast. They started to make 50 to 100 rounds daily.

The days passed, years passed. after 10 years, they were the richest men in all the close villages.

But then, one of the friends realized that they need to do something. Now, they are healthy and young but they will not stay this way forever, what will happen to our family then. But the other said forget it, nothing is going to be bad. enjoy this time, we are doing great.

But the former knows nothing but still want to find the alternative. Some days later, in a neighboring village, he saw a potter making pots and noticed a pot with a long narrow neck. He thought what if we make a large long pipe of clay and bring it to the village.

The other friend said it is never going to work, a pipe of clay, it is really a bad idea. This friend had thousands of reasons why this is not going to work but the first one had only one that he wants to try it.

The construction began. true, a lot of problems came in the way. the pipe breaks many a time and many others too. but finally after 6 to 7 months later, the pipe was all in the place and the water starts to flow in the village.

Now, he can offer a thousand Pots per day, thus decreased the rate to 10 cents per pot.

Income starts to flow in the first friend’s pocket and the second is jobless now, who wants pots for 25 cents if they can have it for 10 cents?

Moral  story:
Don’ t be afraid to fail, be afraid to not to try. If you do nothing, you will get nothing. But if you try to do something there are chances that you may fail or you may succeed. But this time the chances had increased by 50% and it is a lot more than the former 0%.