Do You Want To Tell Your Husband – Joke

Do You Want To Tell Your Husband 2 - Do You Want To Tell Your Husband - Joke

A woman hasn’t made love with her husband in years, so he takes her to the doctor.

The doctor takes her into the exam room, but he determines that she’s healthy and that there is nothing physically wrong with her.

So he asks her what could be preventing her from making love with her husband.

She replies, “Well, every morning, my husband gives me money for work, but it only covers my first bus there. So I get in the cab and the driver asks,

“So, you have money for a ride today, or what?”.

“So I end up making love with the cab driver to cover my fare.”

Then, I arrive to work late and my boss calls me into his office and says,

“You’re late again, am I gonna have to fire you, or what?”

“So I make love with my boss to keep my job.”

“Then I don’t have any money for lunch, so that’s another “or what” with the cafeteria manager.”

“I come back from lunch late, so that’s another “or what” with my boss again.”

“Then I leave to go home, another cab, another “or what.”

“So by the time I get back to my house, I’m just completely exhausted.”

The doctor thinks for a moment. Then he leans back on the table and says,

“So, do you wanna tell your husband, or what?”