Are Parents Happier Than Childless Couples – Story

Are Parents Happier Than Childless Couples 1 - Are Parents Happier Than Childless Couples - Story

Once there was an aged tea maker at the railway station, after selling its tea, when the train departed, he went to his hut where he had his wife and asked her to make another bucket of tea for the next train.

“Why God did this? if we had a child we never had to work at this stage of our life. He would have earned and taken care of us.”

Both had tears in their eyes but both suddenly wiped their tears and made tea and the old man went to wait for the next train.

While he was waiting, he noticed old age parents sitting on the platform since morning. In his curiosity, he went and inquired.

“Is there any train you are waiting for since morning?”

“No” the old man sitting on the bench look up and informed “Actually, we are waiting for my elder son, while boarding the train, my younger son told us that his elder brother will be waiting at the station. “

“Do you know your elder son’s Address?” the tea maker inquired.

” We don’t know reading. Here is his address can you read?” the old man handed him a paper with something written on it.

As the tea maker reads it he was shocked. Because the text reads as
” who so ever reads this message, please take my parents to the nearest old age home.”

Tears were just about to overflow in his eyes. Does having children make us happier? Are parents happier than childless couples?

Suddenly, he knows the truth.

Moral  story:
Happiness has nothing to do with the children. Children may give you happiness and may not. Real happiness is being grateful for what you have and who you have. Who knows, this is the best you can have.