Funny Joke ‣ A Monkey Starts Insulting A Lion

A Monkey Starts Insulting A Lion - Funny Joke ‣ A Monkey Starts Insulting A Lion

A lion and lioness are sitting in their den, when a monkey climbs up a nearby tree and starts insulting the mighty lion.

The lioness starts to get angry and says, “King of the jungle, how dare you allow this puny monkey to insult you? You must punish him.”

“You are right, but you know what? I am king of the jungle and I must not lower myself to his level. Let’s ignore it.”

The lioness, astonished, sat in silence. Yet the monkey kept on. After sometime, the lioness looses her patience.

“I cannot allow this any longer. I’m going to teach that monkey a lesson.”

So the lioness chases after the monkey. After a long chase she finds herself out of the jungle and at a construction site. She sees the monkey going through a narrow pipe and leaps in after him. The pipe apparently was not large enough, and the lioness gets stuck.

Seeing that the lioness is stuck, the monkey walks around behind her.

“Who’s a bad girl? Who’s a bad girl?!!” he yells as he spanks her butt over and over and over. The monkey continues for a few minutes and then finally leaves with a big smile on his face.

After an hour long struggle, the lioness finally frees herself from the pipe. Injured, and completely embarrassed, she returns home to the jungle and to her king.

“So how did the hunt go?” the lion curiously asked.

The lioness couldn’t even look at him.

“Aaahhh, he took you to the construction site didn’t he?”