40 Short Quotes about Life by Oscar Wilde

40 Short Quotes about Life by Oscar Wilde 1 - 40 Short Quotes about Life by Oscar Wilde

 1 – There is No Sin except Stupidity.

 2 – Be Yourself, Everyone else is already Taken.

 3 – To Live is the Rarest thing in the World. Most people Exist, that is All.

 4 – To Love oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong Romance.

 5 – If you want to Tell people the Truth, Make them Laugh, Otherwise they will Kill you.

 6 – A Cynic is a man who knows the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.

 7 – It is Absurd to Divide people into Good and Bad. People are either Charming or Tedious.

 8 – Always Forgive your Enemies, Nothing Annoys them so much.

 9 – Life is far too Important a thing Ever to talk Seriously about.

10 – To Define, is to Limit.

11 – Morality is simply the Attitude we adopt towards People we personally Dislike.

12 – The Truth is rarely Pure and Never simple.

13 – Quotation is a Serviceable substitute for Wit.

14 – Anyone who Lives within their means Suffers from a Lack of Imagination.

15 – A thing is Not necessarily True because a Man Dies for it.

16 – Experience is merely the Name, Men gave to their Mistakes.

17 – We are Each our own Devil and We make this world our Hell.

18 – Nowadays people know the Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing.

19 – Behind every Exquisite thing that Existed, There was something Tragic.

20 – A Man who Does not think for Himself, Does not think at All.

21 – We Live in an Age when Unnecessary things are our only Necessities.

22 – Everything in Moderation, including Moderation.

23 – We are all in the Gutter but some of us are Looking at the Stars.

24 – No man is Rich enough to Buy back his Past.

25 – Success is a Science, If you have the Conditions, you get the Result.

26 – Whenever a man does a thoroughly Stupid thing, It is always from the Noblest motives.

27 – Consistency is the Last refuge of the Unimaginative.

28 – Life is never Fair and perhaps it is a Good thing for most of us that, It is Not.

29 – Everybody who is incapable of Learning has taken to Teaching.

30 – Questions are never Indiscreet, Answers sometimes are.

31 – A Gentleman is one who Never hurts Anyone’s feelings Unintentionally.

32 – Pessimist: One who, when he has the Choice of two Evils, Chooses Both.

33 – The only way to get Rid of Temptation, is to Yield to it.

34 – The one Charm about the Past is that, It is the Past.

35 – The Old believe Everything, the Middle-aged suspect Everything, the Young know Everything.

36 – A little Sincerity is a Dangerous thing and a Great deal of it is absolutely Fatal.

37 – Every Saint has a Past and Every Sinner has a Future.

38 – Experience is One thing, you can’t get for Nothing.

39 – Some cause Happiness Wherever they go, Others Whenever they go.

40 – Society often Forgives the Criminal, It never Forgives the Dreamer.