20 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde

20 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde 1 - 20 Interesting Quotes for Life by Oscar Wilde

 1 – There is only One thing in the World worse than being Talked about and that is Not being Talked about.

 2 – An Excellent man, he has No Enemies and None of his Friends like him.

 3 – Most people are Other people. Their Thoughts are someone else’s Opinions, Their lives a Mimicry, their Passions a Quotation.

 4 – You don’t Love someone for their Looks or their Clothes or for their Fancy car but because they Sing a Song only you can Hear.

 5 – There are only Two kinds of people who are really Fascinating: People who know Absolutely Everything and People who Know absolutely Nothing.

 6 – The Nicest feeling in the World is to do a Good deed anonymously and have Somebody find out.

 7 – The only Good thing to do with Good Advice is pass it On, It is Never of any use to Oneself.

 8 – Nothing can cure the Soul but the Senses, Just as nothing can Cure the Senses but the Soul.

 9 – It takes Great deal of Courage to see the World in all its Tainted glory and still to Love it.

10 – The World is divided into Two classes, Those who Believe the Incredible and those who Do the Improbable.

11 – There are only Two Tragedies in Life: One is not Getting what one Wants and the Other is Getting it.

12 – There is a Luxury in Self-reproach. When we Blame ourselves, We feel No one else has a Right to Blame us.

13 – Ordinary Riches can be Stolen, Real riches cannot. In your Soul are infinitely Precious things that Cannot be taken from You.

14 – Man is a Rational animal who always Loses his Temper when he is called upon to Act in accordance with the Dictates of Reason.

15 – Life is not Complex. We are Complex. Life is Simple and the Simple thing is the Right thing.

16 – Wickedness is a myth invented by Good people to Account for the Curious attractiveness of Others.

17 – A Bore is someone who Deprives you of Solitude without Providing you with Company.

18 – Live! Live the Wonderful life that is in You! Let nothing be Lost upon you. Be always Searching for New Sensations. Be Afraid of Nothing.

19 – Man is least himself when he Talks in his Own person. Give him a Mask and He will tell you the Truth.

20 – The Aim of life is Self-development. To Realize one’s Nature perfectly, that is What each of us is Here for.